Finding the talent

  • How does IndoMindsRPO find the best talent?
  • We adjust our sourcing procedures to meet your specific needs
  • We source from our own extensive database, as well as our 3rd party network
  • We specialize in social media sourcing through LinkedIn and various niche sites
  • We source communities such as trade associations and universities
  • We source from major job boards like Dice, Monster and Career Builder
  • We also source from 100+ niche boards
  • We use passive sourcing technologies to source through Google, CraigsList, Yahoo etc.

Permanent Placements

  • The most important asset of a successful company is its Talent. As a partner in building your organization, IndoMindsRPO recognizes the importance of finding and recruiting the best of the best.
  • Our skilled sourcers and recruiters are trained to find top talent for you. From our established database and third-party vendor list, to our latest and greatest passive sourcing technologies, wwe can find the best.
  • A critical part in finding and recruiting the best is your involvement in the process. We provide you with comprehensive reports so that you can see where we are having success, and where we are struggling. Your direction helps us to better refine our searches, and to best maximize the hireablity of your requirements.
  • Together we are the most effective.


  • At WorldRPO, we have evolved to meet the growing market for temporary and temp-to-hire staffing. With flexibility and openness which is fast becoming the chief ingredient of corporate work culture and the changing career expectations of a work force who search for challenges, freedom to explore and flexibility, we are here to guide the opportunities from short term assignments, replace leave vacancies to leasing of temporary staff to fulfill specialized requirement.
  • Temp staffing provides a flexible, cost effective, win-win solution. You can get to know potential employees on a trial basis, and then make a hiring decision.

Industry Verticals

Our industry Specialists Understand the particular Requriement of an industry, and also keep in pace with the changing trends. This helps in giving a competitive edge to our client so that they can transform their organization in accordance to the changing need of the corporate words.

Our most popular verticals are:

  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Telecom
  • Banking, Financial Services, Insurance (BFSI)
  • BPO & KPO
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Retail and FMCG
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Administrative Support

At iNDOMINDS, we believe that our success is best reflected through!