24/7 Recruitment Team

24/7 Recruitment Team

Our Offshore Recruiting Team is a perfect solution which works 24x7 to meet the ever expanding requirements of companies to hire the right employees into their current workforce. We ensure that the recruitments done by us match all the metrics. We incorporate the right techniques to boost the recruitment process. We also ensure that we are adding the right candidates by checking their stability and their reliability. Because hiring candidates who are going to stay in the company for a longer period of time is beneficial for our clients as well as for us.

Dedicated Recruiting team like – Recruiting Leads, Offshore Sourcing Specialists and QC, and support helps our clients in smoothening the recruitment process and is quite cost effective. Our dedicated recruiting teams ensure that we hire the best talent by being the first to reach out to them. We believe for getting top notch results, you have to be quite pedantic, and you have to have the killer instinct in order to be in sync in this competitive environment.

Formation steps:

  • Help initiation / union signing
  • Information broadcasting (requirements / process/ standards)
  • Team combination and any key roles supply
  • Transportation setup / communications separation
  • DRT method open and function

At iNDOMINDS, we believe that our success is best reflected through!